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The Vegan Shop-Up

Hosted by Revolution Vegan Kitchen at The Thicket located on South 1st Street in Austin, TX

I will have a collection of Zero-Waste home and kitchen items for sale including:

  • Block Print Cotton Napkins
  • Flannel Non-Paper Towels
  • Cross-Back, Pinafore Aprons
  • Masks
  • Laminated Cotton Food Bags with Velcro Closures
  • Shoulder Bags

Introducing, the Pinafore Apron

Aprons have held many purposes throughout human history and the pinafore apron is one of the longest running styles.  Intended to be removed easily, the pinafore has many uses from protecting the underneath clothing to indicating social status.  

Today we are seeing the use of aprons, such as the pinafore, as we return to a simpler way of living. As we include sustainable practices such as gardening, baking, and cooking at home rather than relying on factory farmed produce and highly processed fast foods, the increased need to protect ones clothes is more of a necessity.  

Try adding one to your kitchen and you'll see how beneficial an apron can be. 

History of the Pinafore - Website

These Pinafore aprons are available in a wide range of colors and even prints, if that's what you prefer.  

​The one here is made of linen and has one large side pocket.  

Pocket sizes and shapes are customizable, based on your need.  

Email me with your preferences and I will make a pinafore apron to fit your lifestyle and need.  


Helpful Aprons for Busy People ​​

Utility Apron

Utility Apron shown on model.


These utility aprons are made of cotton material finished with a thin layer of laminate, 

making the entire front side of the apron water proof.  


With this apron in place, the wearer can wipe it clean throughout the day. 

Contact me at the email below to request more information or to order your own! ​


[email protected] 

Sara Boone


     The next time you use your ironing board, consider the origin of the design.  Sarah Boone was born to enslaved parents but was able to secure her own freedom.  She became a dressmaker and identified a problem with the ironing process of sleeves and other contoured areas of clothing.  In response, she designed and engineered a better working ironing board which was contoured and padded so it fit the curves of clothing better and didn't leave marks or wrinkles.  

     She was awarded a patent for her design, becoming one of the first black women to be recognized in this formal way.  

     Thank you for taking a moment to learn about individuals from our history who have made an impact on our lives today. 

“Sarah Boone.”, A&E Networks Television, 13 Jan. 2021, 

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Plum Creek Neighborhood, Hootenanny On The Hill (This is a tentative event)

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Hold Out/Better Half, Austin Flea

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Plum Creek Holiday Bazaar

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The Vegan Shop-Up ~ Noon to 4:00 pm

7800 South 1st St, Austin, TX 78721