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Featured Aprons for Summer 2021

The beautiful Dragonfly aprons are inspired by the vibrant and lively colors of spring.  Each apron is made using panels of dragonflies and coordinating fabric which brings out the colors.  They tie at the neck and have long waist ties which can be bowed behind the back or brought around to the front to tie. 

"Black Birds singing in the dead of night..."  

Such a timeless song and I hope the black birds in this print are just as timeless.  Made of a lightweight canvas, the Black Bird Apron is perfect for grilling.  The neck strap is adjustable and the waist has ties which connect at the back.  

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Flag Bu​nting

Inspired by all types of prayer flags from around the world, this flag bunting is made of coordinating colors of batik patterns.  It measures about three meters in length and hosts eight flags.  Each flag has a matching/coordinating tassel.  The flags are affixed to the line above with intricate embroidered stitching which finishes everything off so nicely. 

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The Pinafore Apron aka The Cross-Back Apron

Aprons have held many purposes throughout human history and the pinafore apron is one of the longest running styles.  Intended to be removed easily, the pinafore has many uses from protecting the underneath clothing to indicating social status.  

Today we are seeing the use of aprons, such as the pinafore, as we return to a simpler way of living. As we include sustainable practices such as gardening, baking, and cooking at home rather than relying on factory farmed produce and highly processed fast foods, the increased need to protect ones clothes is more of a necessity.  

Try adding one to your kitchen and you'll see how beneficial an apron can be. 

History of the Pinafore - Website

These Pinafore aprons are available in a wide range of colors and even prints, if that's what you prefer.  

​The one here is made of a 50/50% Cotton/Linen blend and has a large side pocket on either side.  

Pocket sizes and shapes are customizable, based on your need.  

Email me with your preferences and I will make a pinafore apron to fit your lifestyle and need. 

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Laminated Cotton Bags

     Laminated cotton bags are such a handy and earth-friendly way to pack snacks and lunches or any other small items you need to secure. Because they're made of cotton they are sturdy and will last for a very long time (I'm talking years). With the thin layer of food-safe laminate on the outside these bags will keep food fresh and protect them from outside elements.

     They are also widely used to pack small objects such as feminine products, small electronics, or even cash and change! 

     Sealed with the use of a Velcro strip, they can be closed very securely 

but are easily opened by simply pulling the opening apart.  

     One of the best things about these bags is the ease of upkeep.  

They can simply be turned inside out and rinsed off and, if left out overnight to dry, 

can be used again the next morning!  

If the need arises, they can also be put through the wash with the rest of your dishtowels and washcloths 

(or with any load of laundry, really).  

     They are best washed gentle cycle and tumble dry low. 

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Shoulder Bags and More!

     Are you planning a trip to the market or are you thinking bigger, like a road trip? 

     Either way, you'll be better off with your own bag!

     You can either choose from my current stock or contact me for a particular color scheme or pattern!  Check out Facebook or Instagram for my latest prints. 

Helpful Aprons for Busy People ​​

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Utility Apron

Made of a soft cotton fabric finished with a thin layer of pliable laminate to create a water-proof finish. Fastens with a plastic clip attached to a vinyl webbing belt. 

Machine wash gentle, tumble dry low. 

Cloth Utility Apron

This utility apron is made of 100% cotton. It is perfect for food-service, crafting, gardening, vending, and any other activity which requires you to have your hands free while allowing you to have handy resources at the ready for use. 

Machine wash gentle, tumble dry low.


The Hip Tote is a unique hybrid between the utility apron and your standard "fanny pack."  It fits flush against you and allows room for things like a cell phone, pens/pencils and a handful of small objects.  There is a zippered pocket which allows the storage of supplies in a more secure place.  

Machine wash gentle, tumble dry low. 

If you have an apron request please feel very welcome to email me about it.  

I am happy to work with your particular needs and wants to make the apron that is just right for you!


[email protected] 

Sara Boone


     The next time you use your ironing board, consider the origin of the design.  Sarah Boone was born to enslaved parents but was able to secure her own freedom.  She became a dressmaker and identified a problem with the ironing process of sleeves and other contoured areas of clothing.  In response, she designed and engineered a better working ironing board which was contoured and padded so it fit the curves of clothing better and didn't leave marks or wrinkles.  

     She was awarded a patent for her design, becoming one of the first black women to be recognized in this formal way.  

     Thank you for taking a moment to learn about individuals from our history who have made an impact on our lives today. 

“Sarah Boone.”, A&E Networks Television, 13 Jan. 2021, 

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